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Essay on Ethics My general ethical philosophy is that everyone has the freedom and right to make whatever decisions they deem acceptable. Ethical choices are based on a whole host of different factors, such as personal opinion, societal attitudes, and the circumstances of a given situation.


Broader ethical issues are determined by society rather than the individual. For example, most people would agree that it is wrong to steal. There is really no way that someone can justify that, even though they might be in an extreme situation. On the other hand, a personal ethical decision is based on one's own experiences and thoughts. For example, I believe that it would be wrong to cheat on an exam, but there may be others that differ from that opinion. My belief about that comes from the way I was raised and also the fact that I believe that exams are a time to gauge one's ability, and cheating gives a false representation of this. Finally, there are ethical choices based on a personal circumstance or situation. Someone who is poor may justify taking money left unattended to because they desperately need it. Other people who are not in need of cash are more likely to try and return it to the owner. Personally, I make most of my decisions based on my values and religious beliefs but also my gut feel. If an action does not feel right, then I probably shouldn't be doing it. I closely follow the principle of utilitarianism because I think that any ethical decision must consider all the parties that will be affected by the action. Just because I benefit from an ethical decision does not mean that other people will also benefit, so it is important to weight all these factors up before making an ethical decision. ...
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