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Name Tutor Course Date Hospitality Management Introduction There is no doubt that education acts like a key to life, and that only those who are ready to dance to the rhythm of education will triumph. Additionally, it is also important to note that for one to excel in education hard work is paramount.


During my early days as a college student, I endeavored to know everything about hospitality management and anything related to it. Though I had passion in this field, I had to read and understand many facts about this academic discipline. From void literature to noteworthy complex materials, I embarked on a journey of seeking knowledge. I must admit that although I got varied interpretations, the messages were clear and interesting. Additionally, I must admit that I have been a thinker right through my course as a student of hospitality management. Nonetheless, I must say that through continuous class attendance and personal studies, my skills continue to increase tremendously. As compared to the past, I now know much more and this is something that inspires me most. My critical analysis skills have increased greatly, and undoubtedly, in everything I learn or do, I always ask myself “why” on very many instances. Although being only a first year student, I have learnt on how to challenge myself by digging deep into manuscripts where I will probably find the necessary details that will not only satisfy me, but also help me in my academic journey. Most importantly, I believe that through education and hard work, one can become successful in life (Annie, Howard & Mildred, 1996, p. 2). ...
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