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Name: Course: Date: Finance research report: Oak lumber hardwood flooring The USA market for residential housing and residential remodeling has been on the rise, occasioning the higher need for oak lumber hardwood flooring. The main areas of production of oak lumber flooring material is the eastern region of the United states, which accounts for an average 90% of the total USA flooring raw material (Catinella, 303).


Cumulatively, the US wood flooring manufacturing industry comprises of over 100 companies, with annual revenue of $2 billion (Axelrod and Bruce, 77). The industry has had several random events, notably that of 1990-91, where the demand of the flooring materials increased sharply, creating a great need for such material for residential constructions. This affected the shipments of the flooring materials to other regions outside the USA. The techniques applied by the producers of oak hardwood flooring include solid wood flooring and engineered wood flooring. Solid wood flooring refers to a production of oak hardwood flooring material, where the solid wood flooring is milled from a single piece of timber, which is dried in a kiln or naturally, before being sewn (Catinella, 302). The solid piece can either be sewn in three different ways, depending on its use. It can be sewn in rifts, quarters or flat pieces, which are then used in flooring. The pieces sewn can be transported to the site unfinished, where they will then be cut and shaped depending on the requirements of the floor to be dressed. ...
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