Discipinary Litercies , and my Discipinary Litercies is Accounting.

Discipinary Litercies , and my Discipinary Litercies is Accounting. Research Paper example
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Name Instructor Course Date Disciplinary Latencies and my Disciplinary Latencies is Accounting. How does this discipline relate to its audience? Who is its audience? The main audience of the discipline are college students who are pursuing a course in accounting.


The discipline under study has a very close and effective relationship with its audience. The discipline seeks to offers essential advice and guidance to accounting students and professionals on the most effective way of improving their competence in their daily activities. The discipline directly addresses some of the professional and ethical issues that affect students after completing their courses in higher learning institutions. Moreover, the disciple addresses, some of the pertinent challenges encountered by various learning institutions in the country and in other parts of the world. The discipline offers precise solutions to problems and challenges that affect various institutions. In regard to organisation managers, the discipline address some social, ethical, and professional challenges that affects the entire recruitment and promotion process. The discipline has developed its conclusion and recommendations from the management and administrative point of view (Thomas, Fernandez, Budnik, and Boston 119) How does this discipline revise old knowledge? In other words, how does this discipline use prior knowledge to make new knowledge? To have effective an impact to its audience, the discipline has consistently used prior knowledge to make and generate new ideas and knowledge. ...
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