The use of budgets in the improvement of management performance and control within global businesses

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Budgeting is a management tool for performance measurements and its variants have appeared from time to time depending upon the market situation, prevailing competition etc.


What were relevant a century ago are no longer valid because of increased competition and ever changing products, their characteristics and consumer preferences. The following piece of information would be useful for companies presently engaged in traditional budgeting but willing to switch over to other types of budgeting. The purposes of budgeting One of the functions of management is “planning”. Budgeting is a part and form of planning necessitated by resource constraints. It has been defined as the formal expression of plans, goals, and objectives a management is committed to, concerning all aspects of operations in a business for a given period of time. It is a part of profit planning mechanism based on forecasting and probabilities according to the manager’s best judgement. Budgeting is more often found to be useful in making a business more profitable (Shim, Siegel, & Shim, 2011). Thus, budgeting helps estimate resources in terms of monetary value needed for business activities. Budgeting process forces one to rigorous thinking and the realities of the process will also force one to rethink the plans. Budgeting helps in determining the timing of the requirements. The business is able to monitor its income and expenditure and identify problems if any. It is the basis for accountability of managers and provides transparency. ...
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