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Bloomberg Terminal 2013 Abstract This study will illustrate the relationship between four sample Bloomberg funds from four markets. The empirical portion of the study will include calculations by the Sharpe and Treynor performance indicators for each of the sample funds.


The case study will include an assessment of subsequent investment preferences and expected financial status upon completion of studies at the University of East London (UEL). Table of Contents Brache, A. (2008). Nine variables affect innovation within today's Enterprise Model. Tooling & Production. The Free Library. Nelson Publishing. Retrieved from 16 Value Click. (2013.) Book-To-Market Ratio. Investopedia US. Retrieved from 17 1. Introduction Bloomberg provides the financial world with news, analytics, and financial data through several indices. After reviewing goldmines of financial data, investors must ultimately choose where to spend. Consistency during periods of recession is a string indicator of the health of most funds. Implementation of sustainability programs exist to ensure the long run success of the operations. This is considered true by Fiksel in his study of the strategies employed by top international corporations to attain superior business performance (Fiksel, 1999). According to Alan Brache, 9 variables affect strategy: knowledge management, human capabilities, organizational structure, business processes, issue resolution, culture, leadership and progress (Brache, 2008). ...
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