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According to IAS 17, leases are classified into finance and operating leases ((Epstein and Jermakowicz 659). In finance lease, all risks and rewards are substantially transferred to the lessee. The lessee also has ownership of the assets.


This assignment focuses on the alternative treatments which the lessee might adopt. Two, it looks into the current accounting treatment of leases. Finally, it will look into the impact of the proposed lease standards on the users of financial statements. a) Three alternative accounting treatments which might be adopted when lessees account for lease transactions. The lessee capitalizes an asset or a liability in the balance sheet using amounts equal to the present value of the rental payments. Generally, there is four criteria’s used in capitalization of lease payments (Nikolai, Bazley and Jones 1120). They include: Transfer of ownership of lease property to the lessee The lease has a bargain and purchase option The term of lease is the major part of the assets economic life The present value of the minimum lease payments to the fair value of the leased asset. In practice, three of the four criteria are difficult to apply due to the controversies involved (Nikolai et al 1117). Criteria number one on transfer of ownership is practical and easy to apply. Our major focus on this discussion is limited to only three criteria’s. a) The bargain and purchase option This criterion gives the lessee an option to either buy the property at a price lower than the expected fair value of the property at the option date deemed exercisable (Nikolai, Bazley and Jones 1117). ...
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