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Article review for managerial accounting - Assignment Example


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Article review for managerial accounting

This is because some of the expenses can be reduced by use of direct labour instead of using machines. The allocation of overhead does not only lead to faulty choices in a business, but it assists managers to know which products to continue producing and which it should stop producing. This has been further elaborated by the use of Activity Based Accounting (ABC), which basically shows how to deal with cost allocation of items sold to big and small customers. This way, the management is able to make decisions in the best way to serve their customers. For instance, in the TTI case, the company had to walk away from the old way of doing things and make sure that each and every customer was satisfied. The large customers as well as small customers were given an option of ensuring that they get many goods but also get fair prices that will enable them to make revenues. This not only benefited the customers, but it also helped the company grow and make substantial returns. ABC is also used to assist in eliminating unnecessary activities as well as unprofitable production line that cause extra overheads. The cartoon shows one person enjoying a meal at the expense of the other three who will also foot the bill as per the portion allocated. This is not fair since each person should be charged the amount they consume, and that is what the companies should adopt in order to have better profits and avoid extra expenses. The cost of an item is determined by many factors. Therefore, the cost-volume-profit-relationship

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Managerial Accounting
The present intraday market capitalisation of the company is approximately $313.5 million. In 2011 the company had a global sales record of $229.8 million. The cash from operation of the company was $32.7 million. Oyster Bay Marlborough Sauvignon Blanc won the premium white wine for the consecutive sixth year at the Australian Liquor Industry Awards in 2010.
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Managerial AccountinG
This is a case of internal fraud and no matter whom the person is this need to be communicated to all concerned parties as soon as possible. An early resolution of such problems is necessary for the health and well being of the company itself. I will communicate this to the management and then let the management handle the situation.
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Managerial and Cost Accounting
Managerial accounting is the identification, collection, classification, and reporting of financial and non-financial information, which is useful to internal users in planning, controlling and decision making (Rich and Jones 667). Managerial accounting is a vital function of an organization. It aids in planning for the future.
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Managerial and Cost Accounting
According to the author of the article, the evolution of the field of Management Accounting as a separate branch of accounting dates back to the late 1930s. It was during this decade Ross G. Walker joined the faculty of the Harvard Business School. He came from a successful management position in a business corporation.
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Managerial Accounting
Furthermore, a cost of goods manufactured statement should also be prepared in order to ascertain the cost and expenses incurred exclusively for the purpose of manufacturing the goods. The main issues regarding
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Enhancing Managerial Skills- Managerial accounting
This is done better by the use of economic and financial information in planning and controlling the activities of such entities (Dopson, 2009). A managerial accounting course will enable the managers use financial information in making future decisions of the business.
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Article review for managerial accounting
The author also discusses how overheads can be the main factor of a company’s fall out if they are not careful. This is because; some of the expenses
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Response/commentary to an Article Review
The Sarbanes-Oxley Act of 2002 helps keep track of the financial accounting and accountability of the responsible. Being integrally related to and vested in accounting, accuracy of financial reporting is
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Managerial Accounting
Consequently, business executives can determine whether to retain or change a particular trend. Accounting information determines the financial position of the organization. From a financial position, a business executive can make decisions
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Managerial Accounting
By Absorption Costing method, that is, pricing at 128 in 2013 and 160 in 2014, the net operating income will be the same in both years whereas by Variable Costing method, pricing at 120 and 144, the net operating cost
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is an aspect that is utilized in managing businesses. However, there are factors that need consideration since one must understand how customers respond to the change of the cost in terms of volume and how this factor affects the revenues on profits. For instance, in the case of TTI, a private electronic distributor, they made revenues worth $400 by distributing capacitors, resistors and other peripheries, but they realized that in one financial year, they could make more than 80% but a 5% less amount in cost. Therefore, they had to convince large manufacturers to buy components since it cost almost the same amount of money for small orders, too. Many small orders made were by people that knew the prices and thus could buy some component from them and the other elsewhere. When TTI discovered that, they established ABC software and persuaded five customers to utilize it. This made them discover that by buying large volumes of all components from TTI they would spend less. There was a $7 million revenue increment from the five customers, which improved to $100 million from sixty customers. This shows that buying things in bulk is better than buying individual components. The customers experience low cost on items while the companies gain profitability (Garrison, Noreen, and Brewer 83). This shows that ABC is a valuable aspect of that is extremely imperative in decision making. Variable Costing and Segment Reporting forms principal tools for Management. This is because when making key decisions for the company, the managers need to allocate costs in order to change workflows. The variable costs are assigned goods sold as well as inventory. The cost consists of direct labour and materials and variable manufacturing overhead. Variable costing only treat costs of production varying with the output by separating variables and fixed costs. The fixed manufacturing overhead as well as administrative costs plus fixed selling


Name: Instructor: Course: Tutor: Date: Article review for managerial accounting The article by Srikumar Rao titled “Overhead Can Kill You” basically describes events that can make a company incur losses. It generally discusses the decisions that a company can take in order to make profits by properly allocating costs and labour…
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Article review for managerial accounting essay example
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