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Essay example - Global Business Strategy

Finance & Accounting
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The assignment mainly highlights the various characteristic features of Valero Energy Corporation. Moreover, it also focuses on the global business strategy attempted by Valero Energy Corporation to expand its operations in foreign markets. …

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The study also includes the opportunities and the threats that might be faced by the organisation due to globalisation. It also highlights the varied assets and resources of the organisation, which has helped in expanding its functions in global markets. The study also aims to spotlight the numerous issues of Valero Energy Corporation that must be condensed in order to prosper and to sustain in future among other competing organisations.

Table of Contents
Executive Summary 2
History and Internationalisation Process of Valero Energy Corporation 4
Current External Environmental Conditions 5
Industrial Conditions 6
Resource Audit of Valero 7
Identification and Evaluation of Firm’s Current Strategy 8
Analysis of Strategic Approach of Valero to the Global Management of Its Operations 11
Issues Faced By Valero 12
Recommendations 13
References 16
Bibliography 20
History and Internationalisation Process of Valero Energy Corporation
Valero Energy Corporation is one of the largest and autonomous oil refineries of the United States. It is a reputed brand and a Fortune 500 corporation with its head office located in San Antonio of Texas. Valero is the producer and the marketer of transportation oil along with varied other petrochemical products. Along with refining, it also functions in two other segments namely retail and ethanol. In addition, Valero encompasses and functions with the help of 15 refineries throughout the entire United States, Canada, Caribbean and the United Kingdom. ...
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