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Report on authoritative sources in accounting

Report on authoritative sources in accounting

This paper gives a report on a variety of influential accountancy sources. Among the four source genres, professional associations often stand out as the most credible and authoritative sources of information on accountancy (Katz, Graduate School of Business Website, 2013). This comes as a result of these associations offering membership to several professionals in the accounting field. In addition, these set professional and ethical standards required of all the individuals in the field of accountancy. Professional associations involve themselves in enlightening members through seminars, conferences and workshops. Moreover, many of these associations produce publications such as scholarly journals and periodicals. Therefore it becomes evident that even though all genres serve as credible sources of information on accounting, professional associations stand out more. Professional Association The American Institute of Certified Public Accountants (AICPA) is a professional association for Certified Public Accountants all over the world (Associations Unlimited). This renowned and accredited association stands out as an authoritative source of information on accounting due to various reasons. According to Associations Unlimited, the AICPA began in 1887. Having existed for such a long period of time makes the association credible, since a record of the association’s activity for all those years prove its authority above other associations whose life spun is shorter. ...
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Accounting is a process that involves the production of financial data in an organization and the transmission of that data to a targeted group of receivers. In the broad field of accounting, sources that provide information on this field vary.However, a number of sources stand out as prominent sources that easily prove to be reliable and efficient…
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