Financial analysis of Burberry Company(FTSE 100 Company)

Financial analysis of Burberry Company(FTSE 100 Company) Assignment example
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BURBERRY COMPANY: A FINANCIAL ANALYSIS Founded in 1856, Burberry Group plc is engaged in designing, sourcing, manufacturing and distributing luxury clothing, fashion accessories, watches and jewelry, shoes, bags, eyewear, perfumes for men, women and children using its own well-known “Burberry” brand.


fiscal year 2012/13 on market review and research that will be centered on important sites in Asia.2 Indeed, Burberry has turnout to be resilient. Since 2009, the company’s assets have grown by 43% and its equity has increased by 64%. The equity growth is mostly due its Retained Earnings that have more than doubled during the last four fiscal years of the company – from ?199.2 million in 2009 to ?507.1 in 2012. To fuel the continuing expansion of its operations in the last four years and to fund its working capital requirements, Burberry has not opted to issue additional common shares. Thus, its common stocks, at par value, have not increased in the course of the last four years. Instead, Burberry’s long-term liabilities have increased by almost 250% from ?35 million in 2009 to ?122.4 million in 2012. While Burberry has generally been operating as a profitable company, it incurred a net loss of ?6.0 million for the year ended 31 March 2009. ...
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