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Two integral components of these Financial Statements, crucial for the purpose of decision making and strategy formulation of the company, are the Statement of Financial Position and the Income Statement.


While the ‘as at’ financial position is presented in the Balance Sheet (Statement of Financial Position), a detailed presentation in terms of Revenue generated against the expenditures incurred in that accounting period is depicted by the Income Statement (Statement of Comprehensive Income) (Vickerstaff & Johal, 2012).The Statement of Financial Position:
Also commonly known as the Balance Sheet, the Statement of Financial Position reflects as to what is owned by the entity as ‘Assets’ or ‘Resource’ as opposed to what it owes to third parties as ‘Liabilities’ or ‘Payables’ at that point in time. It also represents Shareholders’ equity, which is sometimes referred to as Capital, which represents the resources that would remain if a company disposes all of its assets and settles all of its liabilities (Wood & Sangster, 2005). Some liabilities are to be settled within the near future (next 12 months) hence, are classified as ‘Current Liabilities’ while others with longer period of settlement are known as Non-current or ‘Long term Debts’.
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