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Without a doubt, in the past few years the trend of online social networking, music, business, and gaming is increasing and emerging in the digital content marketplaces and more than 70% of the web-based people have no credit card on the other hand they have a mobile phone. So this is a real fact behind this way of paying for the online purchase and the majority of business organizations has uniquely positioned this new idea, for this new and innovative business model, mobile technology structural and knowledge team capability to enable web and mobile business in the world to augment digital content sales, attainment latest consumers and marketplaces (IGI-Global, 2009). For example, the mobile payment method uses the technology that allows payment by mobile phone. This operation is carried out through the Near Field Communications or NFC. A Near Field Communications chip makes possible the small range wireless radio contact between the cell phone and the reader (in a related system to Oyster journey cards in London), which activates the payment. Bank or credit card particulars can be stocked up in a variety of methods; however the GSMA helps to maintain them on the mobile phone’s SIM card. In addition, the mobile phone can be taken anywhere, or consumers are able to type a pin code concerned in the mobile phone to allow larger payments. A number of corporations as well suppose pay-as-you-go alternatives, and the cost can be subtracted from a prepaid balance. One of the main supporters of the latest technology is MasterCard. ...
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In the paper “M-Commerce” the writer outlines that in the past few years a large number of business organizations have decided to make changes to their existing e-commerce and m-commerce systems. . For this purpose they have spent a lot of funds in their website structures.

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