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Portfolio Management Introduction Portfolio management is a professional management field in the investment of stocks, securities and other investments aimed at taking optimal decision required to meet the desired returns that an investor aims to achieve. Investment in shares inherently contains market risk associated with them.


This means that the investors incline towards investments which offer guaranteed returns at low risk. However, the ability to take higher calculated risk could produce higher returns for the investor. However, the returns are not guaranteed. For this reason, portfolio management attains significance (MAHAJAN, 2009). Portfolio management helps the investor to decide on the weight-age to be allocated to investments in a portfolio of stocks which would not only diversify the risk but at the same time would maximise the returns on investment. Considering the economy of Qatar, a portfolio management has been carried out taking two companies in the Qatar market into consideration. Qatar Economy and Financial sector: Growth of Qatari Market Qatar is the richest Muslim country in the world. Qatar is the leading producer of hydrocarbon and petroleum which makes the economy of Qatar largely dependent on oil and gas. The production of petroleum and hydrocarbon in Qatar contributes to more than 70% of the government’s revenue earnings. Also the amount of production of petroleum forms 60% of the country’s GDP. Nearly 85% of the income earned by Qatar from its exports is done by the country through the export of its petroleum. Qatar maintains a huge reserve of hydrocarbon and petroleum oil. ...
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