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Critical number - Assignment Example

The weakest ratio identified by management is the firm’s critical number. The ratios of the competition are calculated by retrieving the financial statements of the companies using the internet. Databases such as Dun & Bradstreet provide the ratios of the industries. It is beneficial for the employees of the company to think like owners. Employees that surpass the market in terms of performance should receive above market wages. Three incentives that managers can give its employees to help them improve upon its critical number are bonus programs, profit sharing or variable compensation. “Tying bonuses or profit-sharing to the critical number creates an insurance policy for the company that makes certain that we are all focusing on our biggest weakness” (Stack, 2010). Some potential critical numbers are debt to equity ratio, cash flow, sales per employee, gross margin, inventory turnover, and overhead. (b) Ratio analysis is a great tool to analyze the financial statements of a company. One of the greatest virtues of ratio analysis is comparability. Once the ratios of a company are calculated they can be compared against the results of other companies or against the industry standard. Despite all the pros of ratios analysis it also has its limitations. One of the limitations of ratio analysis is that it does not show trends in the performance of the company over time. A second limitation of ratio analysis is that it looks at the past instead of the future (Tutor2, 2012). A third limitation

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of ratio analysis is that it does not provide qualitative information. c) Prior to buying the shares of a company I would perform vertical and horizontal analysis of the financial statements of the company. A valuable quantitative method that can provide information regarding the future of the company is sales projections. A third analysis that I need to perform prior to buying shares of a company is technical analysis. In terms of qualitative information I would retrieve information regarding the management team, corporate governance, products and services, strategic planning, mission and vision, and corporate social responsibility of the firm. Part II The two companies that I selected to perform a ratio analysis on are Tesco (TSCO.L) and Sainsbury’s (SBRY.L). Both companies are public firms in the food industry whose stocks are traded in the London Stock Exchange (LSE). A ratio analysis showing six ratios of both companies is illustrated below. TSCO.L SBRY.L ROCE 22.39% 6.39% Acid test 56.34% 98.74% Debtors ratio und. und. Dividend cover 3 1.99 Debt to equity 1.85 1.19 Earnings per share ?34.98 ?32.0 The return on capital employed (ROCE) of Tesco is 22.39%, while the ROCE of Sainsbury’s is 6.39%. The desirable outcome is to have a high ROCE due to the fact that the metric shows the profitability of a company (Garrison & Noreen, 2003). The acid test ratio of Sainsbury’s is much better than Tesco. The acid ratio shows the ability of a company to pay off its short term debt (Investopedia, 2013). Sainsbury’s has better liquidity than Tesco. The debtors ratio was undetermined due to the fact that neither company had credit sales. The debt to equity ratio of Tesco was 1.89. Sainsbury’s had a much lower debt to equity ratio at 1.19. Both companies had similar EPS ratios of ?34.98 and ?32.0 respectively. “Earnings per share allow us to compare different companies’ power to make money” (Investing-school, 2010). Part III The profitability of


Part I (a) The sustainability of companies is dependent on managers being able to identify their weaknesses and taking corrective actions to fix problems. A good way to find alternative solutions to problems is by providing incentives to the employees and by using teamwork and cooperation…
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Critical number essay example
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