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Introduction The objective of public companies is to generate profits in order to maximize shareholders wealth. The use of financial analysis can help managers, accountants, or investors evaluate the financial performance of companies. One of the best sources of information to find data regarding the financials of a firm is the annual report.


Ratio analysis uses data from the financial statements to develop financial formulas that calculate ratios. The purpose of this paper is to utilize ratio analysis to analyze the financial performance of Qatar Telecom Q.S.C. and Vodafone Qatar Q.S.C. during the last two years. Company profile Qatar Telecom Qatar Telecom is the leading telecommunications company in the small Persian Gulf country of Qatar. The company’s landline business operates in a monopoly market since the firm is the only company that provides that service. Some of the services that the company provides to its customers include landlines, wireless communication, internet, and cable television. The firm is a multinational corporation that operates in 17 countries. The majority ownership of the company is held by the government of Qatar who owns 55% of the firm. The remaining 45% is owned by private investors who openly trade their stocks in the Qatar Exchange. Company profile Vodafone Qatar Vodafone is a multinational corporation in the telecommunication industry that operates in over 30 countries. The firm was founded in 1985. The company has over 403 million customers around the world. The firm has used strategic alliances and partnerships to expand its reach. Its global network of partners is composed of 50 companies. ...
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