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Essay example - Discuss the theory of purchasing power parity, by considering its various forms and examining critically its assumptions and the

Discuss the theory of purchasing power parity, by considering its various forms and examining critically its assumptions and the Essay example
Finance & Accounting
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Name: Tutor: Course: Date: University: Discuss the theory of purchasing power parity, by considering its various forms and examining critically its assumptions and the empirical evidence for and against it. Introduction The key proponent of the PPP theory is Gustav Cassel who developed the theory in 1920…

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The rate of exchange between two currencies can be termed as equilibrium when there is an equivalence in the purchasing powers of these countries at the domestic level (Taylor & Taylor 2004, p. 135). The theory of Purchasing Power Parity The formula for calculating purchasing power parity is as follows: S=P1/P2, where S refers to the rate used to exchange currency one with currency two, P1 is the price that good “x” costs when purchased in currency 1, and P2 is the price at which good “x” sells when purchased in currency 1. Based on the Purchasing Power Parity, there is an adjustment in the exchange rate in order to ensure that similar goods in two countries can be bought at the same price when the same currency is used to express the value of the good. There tends to be various forms that the Purchasing Power Parity takes. Some of the most common forms that this theory takes include the absolute Purchasing Power Parity and the Relative Purchasing Power Parity (Apte et. al., 2001). The concept of Absolute Purchasing Power Parity holds that the rate of currency exchange between two countries remains the same as the price level ratio in these countries. The absolute PPP borrows from the law of one price. Based on one price law, the cost of a certain product should remain constant across several countries. ...
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