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Professionalism and the Accounting Profession

This essay aims to define clever accountancy, how it came about, how it serves the public interest and how it is cursed by the tax collector. The researcher of this essay also points out how it has massively affected the public image of the accounting profession. In this regard, different academic theories were cited to explain how clever accountancy has led to professionals being painted in bad light. Historical as well as contemporary evidence were documented to support some claims and opinions. The essay, among all other things, discusses how accounting could be done more professionally today. Clever accountancy was at first seen to enhance professionalism in the accounting field. It has, however, played as paying taxes is a major ethical responsibility of the members of the society to the state. Everyone in the society has an important part to play in paying taxes to enhance service delivery. However, accounting firms constantly use their social position and influence in the economy to evade their core responsibility of paying taxes. The researcher then concluds that accounting profession is the major culprit in the evil when it comes to unethical practice as it is often the main tool of the crime. A change for the better for the profession can help in alleviating the problem. The accounting profession, as indicated earlier, wields a lot of power in the current world. With such power it ought to be on the frontline in championing for positive social ideals. This can have ripple effects considering the power it has. ...
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This essay focuses on the discussion of connections between professionalism and the accounting profession. The researcher mostly focuses on clever accountancy field, that has gained ground in recent years to become a major business model for many accounting firms. …
Author : zackerylynch
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