The Movie 'Inside Job' : Accounting in Context

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To begin with the movie Inside Job is one that has been well written and produced. The major reason that leads to this conclusion is the fact that there was enough background research that was done before the production of the movie.


The second reason is that unlike most other documentaries it did not simply focus on one specific aspect of the crisis, choosing to explore the world financial crisis from a broad point of view that gave credence to the actual content matter explained in the documentary. The presentation of the idea was also done in a way that made it easy to understand and follow. This is because the presentation of the issue allowed those who may not have been well versed with the financial crisis or financial matters gain a deeper understanding of the subject.
My own personal opinion is that the documentary presented the viewer with a better understanding of the crisis. The focus on interviewing some of those who may be considered to have been at the epicenter of the crisis accords a great amount of credence to the ideas and theories proposed by the documentary. There is also the fact that the presentation is one that builds up on various points of concern as far as the crisis is concerned. Giving the viewer time to actually visualize how the crisis unfolded and how it affected everybody. This includes the domino effect that began on Wall Street and later spread to other parts of the world.
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