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PRINCIPLES OF FINANCE Table of Content Introduction 3 Analysis and Discussion 3 Cost Analysis 3 Analysis of Cash Flow 5 Investment Evaluation 7 Payback Period 7 Net Present Value 7 Internal Rate of Return 8 Index of Profitability 8 Acceptance or rejection 9 Rejection 10 Acceptance 10 Conclusion 11 References 12 Introduction In this part of the study, we would compare the specialized equipment and packaging facilities from Donnalley Limited as well as Danforth Limited in context of the expenses or costs involved.


Cost refers to the worth of assets utilized in the implementation of the equipment, starting from transportation, installation and maintenance. The total cost of a project consists of cost of capital, assets, labor expenses, intermediate resources, staff salaries and production expenses among others. Costs can be in different forms, such as real, nominal, primary, secondary, associated expenses and project expenses among others (Horngren, 2008). Hence, while appraising the equipment and facilities manufactured by Danforth Limited and Donnalley Limited, one would have to compute as well as compare the costs involved in both of them. The product of the company that involves relatively less expenses should be chosen over the other. ...
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