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Japan politics and the FDI Essay` Insert Name Insert Grade Course Insert tutor’s Name Submission Date There were multiple parties that were registered to participate in the last general election. These parties included the (LDP), the (DPJ), the (JRP) and (NKP) among others.


These platforms entailed what individual candidates or parties would do to the people when elected to the governance. This is a common scenario to all political struggles in all nations. However, though the disparities of the parties are evident, close analysis show some likeness and difference between the competing political parties. Economic analysis of the similarities and differences reveal that they have impacts on foreign direct investments. This paper intends to clearly analyze the possible effects that the differences and the similarity of the parties’ platforms posed to the economic performance of Japan in terms of the foreign direct investment. Today’s political landscape of Japan is dominated by political party manifestos. These platforms have changed the politics in that they have now changed into principle and policy oriented. The political campaigns now give the general public the position to evaluate the political parties past performance as regards to the manifestos provided and are able to judge the individual candidates based of the visions advocated by the manifestos. This is one of the similarities between competing parties in Japan (Curtis 9-12). However, much of the manifesto strategies has been criticized as only paper work and only serves to win the peoples votes. ...
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