Interview of three business people

Interview of three business people Essay example
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Name Tutor Institution Subject code Date of submission Interview of three business people. Mr. R Mr. is an accounting payable department manager by profession. His preference for that path of career is that he is good at accounting as well as does a very thorough job while at it.


It has now taken him twenty-three years to build his career in this profession. Among the many organizations he has worked for is Vine Board Education where he held the position of Purchase order Director. His education background started with him joining BMCC where he attained his AAS degree in Business Management. Later on, he joined Glassboro State College for his Bachelor of Arts degree in Marketing in the year 1978. His profession requires him to be very responsible in his duties and provide quality service to all students in the college. To be a good accountant, Mr. R emphasizes that good writing skills, coupled with basic bachelor’s level education is necessary. One also has to be very good at math and must possess good communication and computer skills (Kimmel, et al, pg. 302) In order to succeed, patience is one of the key elements in this profession. Accounting requires you to be very keen and this means spending long hours in verifying data and numbers, while contacting customers and suppliers of various goods and services. Moreover, you should also have very strong convictions in your undertakings. The main advantage in working in an accounting field is that the profession can be applied across different fields of professions. For instance, an accountant can be employed in schools or a business organization where he or she gets to handle work in those respective fields. ...
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