Ethics in Accounting Profession

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Ethics in Accounting Profession Name Course University/College Lecturer Date Ethics in Accounting Profession Introduction Professional conduct and ethics have an important role to play in the accounting profession as they ensure that there is public trust in the financial reports as well as the business practices.


The accountants should also be willing to uphold policies that have been set by the local government as well as the federal state. This paper will look at some of the efforts and commitment in fostering ethics in the accounting profession and importance of ethics in the accounting profession. Commitment to fostering ethics The accounting profession really values ethics; hence, workers in this profession have shown commitment on the issues of ethics that pertain to the profession. First, AICPA came up with code of professional conduct meant for everyone in the accounting profession. They came up with this universal code as a guide since people have different views when it comes to the issue of morality. The line between unethical and ethical practices in the accounting profession needed to be drawn so as to guide those in the profession in their practice. Everyone in the accounting profession needs to demonstrate that they not only know of its existence, but that they are also aware of how it can be put into practice. Secondly, there are self-policies meant for those that go against this stipulated code of ethics. ...
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