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Executive summary The company name is China chaintek united company limited that has invested in transport sector. Investment in transport sector has economical benefits, for instance in relation to the location and pattern of activities contributing to economy and hence helping to reduce disparities among regions.


The bench mark companies in this industry include DP world limited, Global point investment and finally Hangar & plc. Review of U.K and global economy U.Ks economy is in a strong position. It has been stable and its growth rate has been consistent for the last two decades. The economy boosts of the highest employment rate among the G7 nations. The main challenge facing United Kingdom currently is finding ways to build it further in order to become more competitive in the globe. Currently UK has almost 30million people employed. Global economy has been changing at a very high rate. This is contributed to from different emerging economies that include china and India. This is illustrated in China’s growth that was at over 11% in 2005. With this trend it is likely to be the third biggest economy by 2016. Review of the target company sector The major players in this industry are small and medium sized enterprises. In this sector a person will notice that less than 1% of these companies do employ 300 people and above and on the other side sole traders make up 37%. In respect to education, 16% will account for people who have graduated. There are various forms of transport in this industry namely, land transport, water, warehousing, postal, courier and air transport (TAMARI, 1978). ...
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