Case Study: Global Hardwood Company.

Case Study: Global Hardwood Company. Essay example
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Global Hardwood Company (GHC) is an international company that operates in more than one country.The company began as a single-family business but it expanded and became a public limited establishment. The GHC is headquartered in an attractive marketplace within the town of the English Midlands.


The GHC is a UK based conglomerate industry, which supplies a variety of decorative hardwoods from countries across the globe. It deals with a variety of imported hardwoods and unfinished state, mainly in the form of trimmed trees. The hardwoods are then processed into finished products, which are used for construction purposes and manufacturing of furniture. The GHC owns 100 percent of the RFC (Real Furniture Company); thus, FFC imports a wide range of hardwood and cane furniture, which are processed in overseas locations. FRC is a diversification of the GHC business that imports a range of hardwood and cane furniture from diverse countries within these regions. These varieties of furniture produced are mainly meant for domestic use. However, many customers of the company products are based in the countries such as the United Kingdom, North America, Australia, Middle East and parts of Europe.The company products are of high quality and are priced accordingly; hence enabling the company to increase their revenues. The financial aspects of GHC have been developed by the chief accountant of the company, who has been working in the company for more than 30 years. The chief an accountant has vast experience; hence, he has enabled the company to increase its revenues. ...
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