The Questionary: Insurance and Pensions. ASU, MPPI

The Questionary: Insurance and Pensions. ASU, MPPI Outline example
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Question 1 My investment option is to take a life insurance. Majority of the life assurance organizations avails a with-profits fund. As long as I continue paying the required premiums, a guaranteed minimum value is offered at maturity by these plans. I would be interested in investing in with-profits policies.


Bonus can be classified into two types namely; annual bonus also known as regular bonus and final bonus that is also reefed to as the terminal bonus. By investing in this kind of policies, I will either receive payment in lump-sum at a specified future date or will receive an annual income with the possibility of the investment growing with time. With-profits investment can be obtain through pension, endowment, bond, and even retirement income which are also referred to as annuity. All this are normally inclusive of certain life cover. My policy may also include other guarantees or options. Some of the pension policies possess a guaranteed annuity rate (GAR). This implies that when I retire the insurance company pays an annual set level of income as pension. GARs usually apply only to a specific date that is my expected date of retirement. This is specified clearly at the time of policy issue. In case I retire before or after the specified date, I might lose this guarantee. Another option that I will consider is the cash value life insurance. The cost in this kind of policy is high mainly because it provides wide variety of features and benefits. Among the outstanding feature of this life cover is the savings component that increases steadily with time. With the saving component in this kind of cover, I will be in a position to withdraw, invest and even borrow against. ...
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