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International Financial Markets - Essay Example

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International Financial Markets

From this point, bond portfolios can be restructured in a systematic manner outlined as under: In the events when interest rates are expected to decrease, it would be advisable to restructure the bond portfolios drifting towards securities constituting long-term maturities. This will allow the portfolios to earn maximum capital gain because there is a stronger likelihood that the price of the bonds having long maturities are expected to increase by a greater amount than that of bonds having short maturities in case of a decrease in the yields. Conversely, in the events of an increase in the interest rates, it would be advisable to restructure the bonds portfolios drifting towards short-term securities as it may likely to result in decreasing the capital losses from a decrease in the prices of long-term maturities compared to the increase in the prices of securities having short-term maturities. ...
ter 1 year Price of Bond 2 (5yr) after 1 year Price of Bond 3 (10yr) after 1 year Price of Bond 4 (20yr) after 1 year Price of Bond 1 (2yr) after 2 years Price of Bond 2 (5yr) after 2 years Price of Bond 3 (10yr) after 2 years Price of Bond 4 (20yr) after 2 years Bond Current Price P1 P2 2yr 109.5 104.4599 105 5yr 120.23 115.0694 109.2377 10yr 126.63 122.9504 118.6706 20yr 126.46 123.9087 121.6928 Holding Period Returns Bond 1 (2yr) Return for 1 year: 0.23 - 5.04006 = -4.81 Bond 2 (5yr) Return for 1 year: 0.85 - 5.16058 = -4.31 Bond 3 (10yr) Return for 1 year: 2.03 - 3.67964 = -1.64 Bond 4 (20yr) Return for 1 year: 3.19 - 2.55135 = 0.638 Bond 1 (2yr) Cumulative Return for 2 years: [0.23(1.0113) + 0.23] -4.5 = -4.0374 Bond 2 (5yr) Cumulative Return for 2 years: [0.85(1.0113) + 0.85] -10.99 = -9.2804 Bond 3 (10yr) Cumulative Return for 2 years: [2.03(1.0113) + 2.03] -7.96 = 3.877 Bond 4 (20yr) Cumulative Return for 2 years: [3.19(1.0113) + 3.19] -4.76 = 1.656 Bond 1-year Return 2-year Return 2yr -4.81 -4.0374 5yr -4.31 -9.2804 10yr -1.64 3.877 20yr 0.638 1.656 Task 5 Holding period return is considered as quite significant because the period covering this return pertains to the time horizon for which the investment is to be held in the portfolio. In the light of the holding period returns generated for the four bonds, it can be closely observed that if the time horizon is kept as 1 year, securities having short-term maturities, are unable to provide any returns, rather they are incurring losses. Only 20-year bond is providing the holding period return of 0.638 while rest of the other three securities, are in negative zone. On the other hand, if the 2-year time horizon for holding the securities in the portfolio is taken into consideration, it can be noted that the ...Show more


Duration and Bond Investment Management Task 1 Duration is the concept that is used to demonstrate and quantify the element of risk present in fixed-income securities. There are numerous kinds of fixed-income securities, different in nature due to their coupon rate, yields, prices, maturities, etc…
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International Financial Markets
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International Financial Markets
Japan has also incurred high public debt for which its credit rating has been downgraded by Standard and Poor’s (S&P) in January 2011. In August of the same year, S&P downgraded long-term U.S. sovereign debt from the highest possible rating, AAA, to AA+.
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International Financial Markets
However, over the times it has been found that this key function has been compromised as the secondary trading now accounts for a high proportion of its trading activities. Basically, stock exchange is a platform or market place that provides services for traders and stock brokers.
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International Financial Markets
They channel the funds from firms, households and the governments which they have surplus funds to those who have shortage of funds as they spend more than their level of income. Primarily governments, corporations, households, foreigners have excess funds with them and hence they lend them.
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International Financial Markets
It was in this in this meeting gathering that the Bretton Woods system was born. Initially, this has initiated an acceleration of global activity. However as the system progresses, its flaws surfaced out so intensely that the former United States President Richard Nixon sentenced it to its demise on August 1971.
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International Financial Market trends have been on a growth rate since the last three decades. This study is to highlight the growth trend that has been achieved in the international financial market showing the curve over the past three decade. The paper starts with the basics of the global financial markets and moves to explaining the components viz., the foreign exchange, international capital and the international stock markets.
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International Financial Markets paper
The subject of investment management has evolved many theories and concepts to facilitate identification of healthy investment opportunities and allow investors to analyse different investment avenues so as to increase their return. Many of the investment management theories were found worthless in an investment climate which is characterized by innumerable number of investment opportunities with differing categories of risk.
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International financial markets
ression representative economists of these two nations, Harry Dexter White and John Maynard Keynes, respectively led the gathering of economists at the Mount Washington Hotel in Bretton Woods, New Hampshire to formulate a system that will prevent the recurrence of this traumatic
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International Financial Markets
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International Financial Markets
Euro zone is at risk because all the members of the European Monetary Union (EMU) were guarantees of each other when they were applying for the loan. Because of this, all the member state of Europe including those
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