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CFR Analysis Report Table of Contents Part A 4 Introduction 4 Investment 4 Regulatory framework 5 Part B 5 Cash generation units 5 Impairment of assets 6 IAS 36 Impairment of assets 6 Financial instruments 7 Managing risks 7 Principal risk and effects 8 Hedge Accounting 9 Post employment obligations 10 Scheme assets 11 Part C 12 Conclusion 12 References 14 Part A Introduction Burberry Group plc and its subsidiaries, the “Group” is a British luxury fashion house which distributes fashion accessories and clothing and licensing fragrances.


The Group licenses third parties for manufacturing and distribution of products using the trademark “Burberry”. All companies which comprise the Group are directly or indirectly controlled by Burberry Group plc (Burberry, 2012). Investment Burberry has its investment in mainland China. There are total 68 stores in 35 cities. The investment is clustered around provincial capitals and flagship markets for ensuring appropriate brand representation. Burberry has its investment in real estate and retail productivity in the high growth emerging markets. It also has its investment in wholesale shop-in-shops and in retail capital. Burberry is making investment in smaller markets of future. It has its store in regional headquarters in Brazil, Latin and Central America, India and the region of Middle East. Subsidiaries The principal subsidiaries of Burberry Group Plc are as follows: Company Country of incorporation Burberry Limited UK Burberry France SASU France Burberry Ireland Limited Ireland Burberry Limited USA Burberry Korea Limited Republic Burberry Japan K.K. ...
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