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Title: Research Project Name: Course: Tutor: Date: Thesis Statement. “The comparison between two multinational companies’ regarding their business model, modes of entry in the foreign market, the challenges that they are facing and how they operate especially in the Middle East and North Africa” Introduction.


Additionally, the company was ranked number two in manufacture of quality skincare products and was awarded Quality System Certification in 2002 by the Saudi Arabia government, making it one of the most renowned cosmetic companies in Middle East. Thus, this paper will delve into a marketing plan of Saudis Cosmetic Company as it tries to enter London, United Kingdom. Southwest Airlines is a service industry in Tunisia that aims at offering its customers with distinctive air transport services. The company started in 1969 in Tunis Tunisia, with an aim of providing its customers with air transport at a lower cost and an effective one for that matter. Eventually, the company adopted a strategy that seeks to provide its diverse customers with added value by making sure that the services exceed the price paid by the customer as well as what the customer expects to pay for the services. The company believes that creating value is one of the crucial activities the firm would take to attain a competitive edge. Even though the company started with purchasing products that were diesel powered, it has managed to replace its components and equipments with modern equipment, which are environmentally friendly, at a reduced cost. ...
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