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Mergers and Acquisitions Student’s Name: Student’s ID: Course Name: Dated: MERGERS AND ACQUISITIONS Introduction In recent years, economies around the globe have been facing frequent mergers, alliances and acquisitions due to rapidly changing needs of customers and markets.


Johnson & Johnson, on the other hand, is one of the biggest names in the health care industry, serving customers around the globe with its baby care products, medical devices, medicines, body nutrition and other day to day consumer products (, 2013). The announcement by Johnson & Johnson had created waves in corporate world; firstly, this marked the biggest acquisition in this industry, and secondly it had multiple-fold effects disturbing many organizations within and outside the industry. Strategic Justification Johnson & Johnson was observed to be laying great emphasis on health care sector in recent years, and wanted to shift its focus from consumer products to healthcare products. Thus, in the words of CEO of Johnson & Johnson, acquisition of Synthes was all part of the big plan for Johnson & Johnson: becoming most wide-range orthopedics and neurologics business, serving customers worldwide in medical industry. This has enabled Johnson & Johnson to be the absolute provider of all related services in supply chain of orthopedics with a comprehensive coverage for all kinds of products and services. Synthes makes substantial profits in developing markets and third world nations. ...
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