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Competition and Financial Stability Name: Institution: COMPETITION AND FINANCIAL STABILITY Introduction There has been debate recently regarding the relationship between competition in banking and the stability, overall, in the financial system. As a result, there are two views in opposition that have emerged.


It has been argued that, similarly to other industries in the non-banking sector, competition prevalent in the banking sector is desirable because it tends to generate a market that is more efficient, as well as the benefits that tag along like efficient resource allocation and better consumer prices. However, other theories argue more competition in the banking sector may precipitate an increase in instability with regards to the financial systems. Since greater competition in the banking sector leads to a decrease in margins of bank profits, banks are banks are encouraged to acquire riskier investment so as to boost profit levels, which is in support of the competition fragility view (Boyd et al., 2009: 4). However, other arguments make the argument that greater concentration of banks in the loan markets may lead to an increase in instability via increased risks, especially because higher rates of interest that are charged on consumers could make it more difficult for them to pay back the loans, which supports the view on competition stability. Therefore, it is interesting when these hypotheses are tested to decide whether completion in the banking sector is desirable with an aim to increase financial stability (Boyd et al., 2009: 5). ...
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