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EURO BEHAVIOR Name Course Instructor Institution Submission Date EURO BEHAVIOR Euro is usually used within the Euro region with some exception of a few non-memberscountries. It has had a steady performance since its inception except for some few instances that it has not maintained its track.


3-15). The states intending to adopt the Euro as their currency do so by entering into formal agreements with the European Union member countries. It has also been used in trade negotiations as a pricing tool though not necessarily being used for exchange purposes (Gros, 2011, p.122-123). The inception of a common currency within the European region was not only beneficial to the governments of these countries but was also beneficial to the citizens (Lees and Flowers, 2002, p. 239; Mulhearn, 2008, p.123). Citizens counted on steady prices across the borders, easy transactions and the euro area economy became more unified and integrated. Discussion Economic performance of a trade block depend more on individual countries performance. In our analysis, we intend to evaluate euro’s performance and as such will rely more on the overall activity within member countries. Euro is not political affiliated and thus depend in multi-nation policies regarding the member countries economic performance (Solomon, 1999, p. 141-147). When crisis in economic activity within one trade block occur, the effects easily spill to the global economic and asset market. The European Union, as a trade block, has frequently suffered such (Davidson, Goldstein and Kenny, 2011, p.1; Porter, 2013, p. 1). Global economic crises have also been an effect to be borne by multiple countries. ...
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