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Sight Savers Case Study Name: Institution: SIGHT SAVERS CASE STUDY Sight Savers International was founded on 5 January 1950 as the British Empire Society for the Blind. It was in the 1950s that Sight Savers International made their initial ground breaking in fighting avoidable blindness.


They launched their first mobile eye units in 1960, using trained staff to treat eye conditions using land rovers for transport in Kenya and Uganda. It was in 1970 that they decided on training in-country staff at the local level in the provision of eye care, setting up their first surgical training program in Bangladesh. Working with partners has enabled them to treat more than 200 million people for potentially blinding, and blinding conditions, as well as over 7 million operations meant for the restoration of sight. In 2009, Sight Savers International decided to implement changes in the way that they work to bring long-term change, at which point they launched a new strategy. They hope that this will support their partners in carrying out basic and essential care and rehabilitation of eyesight. They are also working towards influencing governments. Sight Savers International is investing in small-scale project models that will demonstrative of the best possible practices. It is their hope that, in the future, the governments in their countries of work will replicate it and that they will have accomplished their work in sixty years and hand over to the governments. However, they have several strategic issues that need to be resolved before this can be accomplished. Key Strategic Issues and Key Performance Indicators for Sight Savers Sight Savers International faces several strategic issues. ...
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