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Name: Course Code: Professor: Date of Submission: International Finance is trade between business partners in more than one country and it involves governments who partner multi-national institutions in providing services and goods in the targeted market (Hoffman, 2008).


Engaging in International trade is important for the economies of the two or more countries involved; because there is an exchange of foreign currencies, creation of jobs and enhancement of revenues through taxation of the business profits. For multi-national organizations to survive in this import and export trade, they have to employ financial tools in their assessments, and this includes financial agreements and use of security exchanges. A product of trade in international finance varies depending on locations, legal requirements of operating in such destinations and transaction requirements. This paper seeks to assess the impact of selling beverages from United States of America into the Kenyan market. Abinam Inc. has been in the beverage industry for over 20 years, and recently decided to expand its operations in Africa, and specifically East Africa. To start its operations, the company identified Kenya as a convenient starting point because of its economic dominance in East Africa, and the high quality its infrastructure, which includes roads and telecommunications. The Kenyan political structure advocates for liberalization and a free market economy and all this are conducive for our operations. ...
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