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Referee Report Bank consolidation and stability: The Canadian Experience, 1867-1935 Table of Contents Table of Contents 2 Summary 3 Evaluation 5 Positives 5 Negatives 9 List the major shortcomings of the paper 10 Is the argument robust? 12 Is the methodology correct?


It is noted that the systemic stability contributes to the risk reduction. This is achieved through geographic diversification and this is analysed by the two/three of the cross-province merger and acquisitions. The empirical findings have been derived by applying a probabilistic theoretical model. This has supported the efficiency hypothesis rather than the imminent failure hypothesis. Thus journal contributes value to the readers as it not only shed light on the debate in the literature but also has policy implications for the merger and acquisitions today. These policy implications hold great importance as the economists and policymakers need to have a good look at them and follow them in all the policies that design. Economists and policymakers’ grave concerns about megabank failures and their consequences on financial markets and the economy are reinforced by empirical evidence on the concentration-fragility hypothesis. It is noted that the consolidation and systemic risk are positively related, although other factors also contributed to the increased risk. Moreover, it is stated that banking crises are less likely in more concentrated banking systems among 70 countries over 1980-97. However, this is not a hard and fast rule and there is a probability of concentration- fragility hypothesis which need to be analysed as well. ...
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