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Strategic Accounting Name: Instructor: Course: Date: PART A Introduction Quality costs simply refer to the costs associated with preventing, looking for and identifying defects associated with products and services offered by a particular organization. Understanding of quality costs begins with a reviewal and treatment of quality from a customer’s point of view (Cole, 2003).


Quality costing should therefore be understood as the cost of not producing a product, which bears the above components that gauge a quality product or service (Thompson, 2010). The aspect of quality cost arises from the third era of quality where it emerges as a tool of quality assurance with its main goal being to avoid problems, by giving room to coordination of activities. Quality control as a technique of management accounting has been improved over time through the contribution of various scholars, who added in more knowledge and insight to quality control. Crosby initiated the aspect of quality testing through inspection, quality management, quality assurance and improvement (Kilger, 2002). Deming on the other hand shared his contribution by introducing the aspect of companywide quality control, which was later revised by Juran through his total quality management technique (Nokes, 2000). ...
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