Global Financial Crisis: "the U.S. Gov Vs Lehman Brothers Bank" (Case Study)

Global Financial Crisis: "the U.S. Gov Vs Lehman Brothers Bank" (Case Study) Essay example
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Global financial crisis: “The US Government versus Lehman brothers bank” (Case study) How the US government treated financial institutions during the crisis The US government treated some financial institutions differently during the crisis. The government came to the rescue of Fannie Mae and Freddie Mac institutions just a week before the fall of Lehman Brothers, a large investment firm.


Firms like Barclays and the Bank of America who were ready to bid on Lehman Brothers expected the government to intervene and cover part of Lehman’s losses. This was however never the case. (Dolezaleck 2009, p. 7-8). It was not appropriate for the US government to treat these institutions differently. This is because of the held perception that Lehman’s bankruptcy would affect the economy negatively. Even though it was argued that the amount of money to be lent was determined by collateral security, put in place during the period of financial crisis, it was impossible to determine the value of securities held by the financial institutions that were bailed out. Filing to bail out Lehman was discriminatory. Private financial institutions and the problem of moral hazard I concur with the experts’ opinion that when the government bails out a private financial institution, it creates a problem called moral hazard because an institution’s knowledge that the government will save it increases its incentive to take on more risk. I agree with this line of thought, as some will think that they will not incur any consequences for their risky ventures. ...
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