Case Analysis-Milton Manufacturing Company

Case Analysis-Milton Manufacturing Company Case Study example
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Introduction Milton Manufacturing Company is dedicated to the production of textiles that are distributed to wholesalers of clothing items. The textile industry is a huge business with global trade valued at $18 trillion (Baig). The corporate headquarters of the firm is located in Long Island, New York.


Key stakeholders Irv Milton – President of Milton Manufacturing Company. He is responsible for overseeing the entire operation of the company. Has authoritative command over subordinates. Ann Plokin – Chief Accounting Officer (CAO). She created policy to control capital expenditures of the company. Sammie Markowitz – Plant manager Long Island, New York plant. He gets involved in an ethical dilemma in the case. Ira Sufofsky – Vice president of operations. He informs all plant managers about the new policy. Beverly Wald – Chief Internal Auditor. She performed the audit that revealed an accounting scandal at Milton Manufacturing Company. Second Bankers Hour & Trust Co. – The firm is requesting a $20 million loan from this banking institution. Issues at Milton Manufacturing Company Companies that face issues must identify them in order to evaluate its effects and to find solutions to resolve the problems. The managers of the company are directly responsible for the performance of the employees and the company as a whole. Resolving problems can help improve the productivity, efficiency, and profitability of a company. Milton Manufacturing Company faces three types of problems. The three types of problems present at the firm are accounting, operational, and ethical issues. ...
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