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Government agencies tend to define performance in terms of economy, efficiency and effectiveness. What do you understand by thes - Assignment Example

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Government agencies tend to define performance in terms of economy, efficiency and effectiveness. What do you understand by thes

The public also fails to appreciate the government for its services and think that it should do more. However, the government performs its major role of providing an enabling environment where this private sector is able to do its activities. The problem is, therefore, the negative public perception towards the government not lack of efficiency, effectiveness or being economic. Introduction A government is a group of people who are chosen by citizens, of a particular, to run various activities on their behalf. The running of the country’s affairs by the people they have elected, requires various resources. The resources needed to run a government are financial resources, human resources, and natural resources. These resources especially the financial resources are not always in good supply. With the current state of uncertainty in resources available to a government, they have to make maximum use of any resource that they have at a certain time. Most governments finance their operations through collecting taxes and then using the money on the basis of how well the money can bring benefits to the people. To know how well the money from tax is utilized, the issue of comparing how well a government and private sector uses a certain amount of money, is the starting point. ...
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Name Instructor Course Date Government Agencies: Economy, Efficiency and Effectiveness. Executive summary Government agencies deliver services to a large mass of people. Various resources are utilized to deliver services to the people. The way resources are well utilized by the government can be revealed by analyzing the private sector which many people prefer their services…
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