Risk Management and Investment (Portfolio E)

Risk Management and Investment (Portfolio E) Essay example
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Risk Management and Investment (Portfolio E) Name: Instructor: Course: Date: Executive Summary This study’s aim was to go through the portfolio E, analyze it and identify risks after which I was to come up with possible recommendations to contain the risks and cushion the company in its aim to meet maximum income at the minimal cost possible.


The recommendations I made are with the aim to cover the long term and short term goals having analyzed the market and economy trends as at present and the likely trends of the future. With the adoption of these recommendations, the firm is expected to reap maximally from the market (Accounting Education Change Commission, 1993). Introduction Investment management field involves decision making by considering the market in terms of whether to sell or invest. The fact that it involves predictions and analysis makes it a risky venture hence the need for professionals specialized in the area to provide good advice on how better to have good investment. However, it may not really imply that the market trends will turn out as they predicted. It entails three major pillars, analysis of economic factors, industrial factors and the company factors before making the decision on whether or not to invest. Investments are made with knowledge of market expectations and fluctuations (Best Invest, 2013). The current portfolio is facing quite a number of challenges which expose it to risks in the market such that despite the higher levels of investment the return in terms of interest is too low. The fact that it has diversified the investments to a number of sectors is an attempt to avoid the risks. ...
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