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Investment Risk Management Student Name: Tutor Name: Course: Date: Introduction Risk involves any divergence/deviation from the anticipated results. On the contrary, investments risk management involves a process of identifying, analyzing, assessing, controlling and mitigating risk (Chong, 2004).The study aims to investigate information relating to Lehman Brothers’ bankruptcy, the financial risk factors that contributed to the failure and management’s responsibility for such failure.


Additionally, the company was reported bankrupt on 15th September 2008 and was ranged among the top 22 financial institutions that experienced the world largest bankruptcy (Ross, 2010). This collapse brought a big shock not only to the U.S economy but to entire world. This is because the company provided financial services not only to the affluent individuals and companies but also to the government. Among the services that were rendered by the company include; banking services, equity investments, consultancy services, buying and selling of treasury securities to mention just but a few (Sorkin, 2008). 1. Factors that contributed to financial failure of the Lehman Brothers Holding Company. According to Azadinamin, 2003 numerous factors contribute to failure of Lehman Brothers Holding Company. ...
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