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Complexities of the U.S. Financial System - Essay Example


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Complexities of the U.S. Financial System

the New York stock exchange and the NASDAQ. The US financial market impacts directly on the economy in that a commodity such as gold is traded in the markets and used to cushion the economy against the negative impacts of inflation (Edwards & Garcia, 2008). According to Meltzer (2009), the financial market impacts directly on business through for example interest rates that among other factors determine the cost capital for businesses. On an individual basis, the capital market impacts individuals in their day to day lives through numerous ways including pension’s funds that have been proven to have a positive correlation to equity prices (Mishkin& Eakins, 2009). Question 2: Explain the role of the U.S. Federal Reserve, the Federal Reserve Chairman, and Board, indicating its effectiveness in today’s economic environment. Provide support for rationale. The Federal Reserve plays the role of executing monetary policies such as stabilizing prices of commodities as well as creating maximum employment opportunities. Being the central US banking system (Meltzer, 2009) it comprises of a chairman and a board, both appointed by the president. The chairman as the head of the Federal system and provides leadership to the board. The mandate of the board is to analyze international financial development as well as regulating federal banks in the US. The effectiveness of the federal bank in executing its mandate is based on its independence from the executive arm of the government. Under the banking Act

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Complexities of the U.S. Financial System
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Complexities of the U.S. Financial System
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Complexities of the U.S. Financial System
Hence, providing employment opportunities provided by the financial sector will certainly ensure positive impact on the overall US economy. For instance, the financial sector provides large number of employment opportunities for the country, which
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of 1935 the Federal Reserve executes its mandate and reports only twice a year to the Congress. Though independent, the Federal Reserve has a duty to perform its obligations in tandem with the overall financial objective of the government (Meltzer, 2009). This ensures that it remains effective in today’s economic environment. Question 3: Explain how interest rates influence the U.S. and global financial environment. Provide support for explanation. As part of its mandate, the Federal Reserve monitors interest rates in the economy. Interest rates are determinants of prices of goods, cost of capital as well as the level of inflation. According to Meltzer (2009) low levels of interest rate enables people borrow more funds for spending. Low interest rates increase consumer buying power at the same influencing positively on public spending. When interest rates are low, consumers will see that the cost of funds is low and will borrow funds. This added to their incomes leaves them with additional money to spend (Edwards & Garcia, 2008). Demand for goods such as furniture, houses and cars increase as individuals want to spend their money on commodities that they need. Globally, interest rates impact on prices of commodities such as minerals like gold, diamonds and oil as well as prices for agricultural products, especially so for export products. Interest rates and inflation rates in the US are often different from those in the export market. According to Meltzer, (2009) interest rates are relatively low in the developed world, US included, an effort aimed at increasing borrowing by consumers and minimizing saving. By having low interest rates, individuals borrow more and thus spend more. Meltzer, (2009) argues that stock markets become more effective in creating wealth for stock holders if interest rates remain as low as possible, near zero if possible. Question 4: Describe how exchange rates may impact a business’


U.S Financial System Name Instructor Course Date U.S FINANCIAL SYSTEM Question 1: Describe how the U.S. financial markets impact the economy, businesses, and individuals. The U.S financial market involves financial transactions that include but not limited to bonds and stocks…
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Complexities of the U.S. Financial System essay example
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