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The hospitality industry forms one of the largest industries that provide services to people. The industry has a broad class of fields that constitute hotels and restaurants, sports bars, amusement parks, conference rooms, accommodations and so on


The tourism industry also falls in the hospitality. The hospitality industry is entirely dependent on the availability of individual’s leisure time and disposable income. The hotels and resorts seek to maximize the number of customers to their facilities in order to capitalize on profitability. To ensure a constant flow of customers, most of the hotels and restaurants today have engaged the services of hotel brokers. The brokers utilize business networks and other advertisement channels to create awareness of the hotels, restaurants and other fields of the hospitality industry’s services. Location and quality services are two essential factors that establish the competitiveness of any field in the hospitality industry. Other factors that helps the organizations gain and sustain their competitive advantage include dependability, professionalism and excellent customer experience. The Hilton Hotels and Resorts is an international organization from the hospitality sector that has existed for over 92 years today. This organization is well known to many people across the globe for its stylish, advanced thinking and an international leader in the hospitality industry. In addition, the organization is famous for its innovative and creative approach to their services, facilities and other products tailor made to suit a variety of needs for their existing and potential customers (Hilton Hotels and Resorts 2013). ...
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