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Essay 4: Reflective Writing “We don’t learn from experiences, we learn from reflecting on our experiences.” John Dewey Taking time to reflect on what you have learned can be a satisfying and useful experience, especially when you near the end of a challenging skills acquisition course such as ENGH 302.


Please enter your responses directly on this document. Save your file using the following file name: LastNameEssay4. There is no draft required for this assignment. The final version is due by 11:59 PM EST, Monday, May 6th. ASSIGNMENT PART I Copy/paste the following items from your response to Essay 3 into this document: The sentence or two that best gives your argument or analysis point RESPONSE: Mobile banking innovation can be considered as a revolutionizing development; however, largely unknown is its impact on the finance environment. There is the need for the stakeholders to make adjustments to address a myriad of underlying problems One complete body paragraph (not your introduction or conclusion) that includes at least one reference to a secondary source and demonstrates your best work as a scholarly writer RESPONSE: A study conducted by the Federal Reserve Bank of Boston (2013) aired various concerns about the respondents regarding the online banking service. Over 75 percent of the respondents aspiring to embrace mobile banking or those who have embraced mobile banking cited security challenges as the serious issue. Well over 50 percent of those wishing to embrace the money banking service cited that the main challenge to mobile banking is the costs of implementation cost, in addition to security challenges. ...
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