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Mind the Gap Name Institution Mind the Gap Abstract This report outlines a brief description of ‘the small and medium sized enterprises’ that are found within the European Union. Four major issues relating to financing of ‘small and medium sized enterprises’ have also been outlined and they include effects of financial crisis on SMEs’ capital structure; the sovereign debt crisis impacts on bank’s credit standards, credit margin, and funding conditions; and the effects caused by comprehensive regulatory changes on policies dealing with bank lending activities.


Table of contents Abstract 1. Introduction 2. ‘The Small and Medium- sized Enterprises’ 3. Financial crisis on SMEs’ capital structure 4. Sovereign debt crisis which affects the bank’s credit standards, credit margin, and funding conditions 5. Regulatory changes on policies that deal with bank lending activities 6. “The Federation of small Businesses” 7. Recommendation 1) Introduction “The Small and Medium- sized Enterprises” abbreviated as SMEs is defined by the European Commission as “an enterprise employing not more than 250 employees; having an annual turnover of not more than €50m and balance sheet assets of €43m; and that has less than 25 per cent of its capital.” However, SMEs are defined using three concepts and they include small, local, and single. They are small in nature when considering the number of employees, capital and assets, and turnover. They are also owned by a single owner who could only be the sole employee. SMEs are also local in nature because their markets are usually based on local areas or places of residence (Fielden, 2003). ...
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