Financial Law and Regs in the Health industry

Financial Law and Regs in the Health industry Assignment example
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Financial Laws and Regulation Name: Course: Tutor: Institution: State: Date: Question 1 The five elements pertaining to the establishing a false claim under the False Claims Act must determine that the claim was falsely submitted and that it was submitted knowingly.


Also, it must be established whether the claim was false, fictitious or fraudulent. Another element that must be proven beyond a reasonable doubt so as to secure a conviction is that the false, fictitious or fraudulent claim was material (Salcido, 2009). When the United States government provides any portion of money or property that is required or demanded, or the state decides to reimburse a contractor, grantee or recipient the requested or demanded money, false claim documents do not need to be submitted directly to the government as the provision virtually covers everything that is of value. Finally, the false claim is also founded on the element an individual has possession, custody, or control of a property or money used by the government, and lastly, intending to defraud the government. Question 2 Defines and limits the circumstances under which entities utilize and disclose the Protected Health Information (PHI) Everyone in the health care sector must maintain the privacy of personal information, especially when it comes to sensitive health care information in electronic from. According to Shauren and Levsey (2001) argue that the HIPAA privacy standards do not permit the covered entities from using or disclosing individually identifiable health information that has been transmitted or maintained electronically. ...
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