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FINANCE AND ACCOUNTING ASSIGNMENT 2 Table of Contents Question 1 3 a) 4 b) 5 c) 6 Question 2 8 References 12 Appendices 13 Question 1 The three companies chosen whose stocks are traded on the Australian Securities Exchange (ASX) are Adcorp Australia Limited (AAU.AX), Australian Agriculture Co.


The company owns over 7 million hectares of land across the Northern Territory and Queensland. The company’s strategy is to operate in diversified agribusiness operations and bring innovation in existing business practices in order to achieve long term gains. ActivEX Limited is an Australian mineral and exploration company that specialises in identifying, acquiring, and distribution of minerals. The company aims to increase shareholders’ value by investing into quality projects including minerals such as gold, copper, cobalt, etc. The company is involved in activities such as drilling, soil testing and mapping, data compilation, and reviewing. Adcorp Australia is a leading advertising agency owned locally and offers services including branding, advertising, creative design, event management, media planning and promotions. a) The monthly returns of the three companies are calculated using the following formula: Monthly return = (Current adjusted close price/Previous adjusted close price) – 1 The historical prices of the three companies are obtained from Yahoo Finance and the individual monthly returns of the three chosen stocks are shown in the appendices section. The period under study was for 61 months ending on Dec 31, 2012. The calculations are made in the MS-Excel spreadsheet application using the above formula to calculate monthly returns. ...
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