Financing and management of risk

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Financing and management of risk Contents Contents 2 ROYAL MAIL: Business model 3 Evaluation of risk exposures of Royal Mail 4 Stakeholder group analysis in respect of risk exposures 5 Employees 5 Shareholders 6 Subsidiaries 6 Management 7 Risk management tools and techniques 8 References 10 ROYAL MAIL: Business model Royal Mail is a postal service company owned by the government of UK.


The Post Office Ltd. and General Logistics Systems are wholly owned subsidiaries of Royal Mail Group. Post Office Ltd. runs the post office counters and the General Logistics Systems is a global logistics company. The company employs around 2 lakh people working for the organization with a net income of ?300 million. Royal Mail has a network of around 14000 post offices. The network of Royal Mail distributes millions of letters and parcels everyday all over the world. The Royal Mail services include collection of mails and letters from all parts of the world and distribute the same to the respective postal addresses. The letters are posted by the senders in the wall posts which are collected everyday and despatched to the communication addresses. The first class deliveries take one day’s time to reach the address of the receiver. On additional payments, there are special deliveries to the receiver that reaches by 9 a.m. or 2 p.m. on the next day. Royal Mail also has provisions for insurance of the items sent to the receiver. In case the receiver is not present at the time of delivery, an information card is left for the receiver to be noticed. ...
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