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Assignment of Acc [Author’s Name] [Institution’s Name] Introduction The current era has been referred as the era of economic prosperity and economic expansion as a whole (CHOI, Frederick D. S., 2003, pp. 98). The traditional ways of enhancing financial competitiveness and economic prosperity has now changed entirely merely because of the arrival of new things in total (CHOI, Frederick D.


129). Among number of departments, the name of finance department is one of them. Finance department is responsible to manage and utilize the funds of the company as a whole. There are number of concepts that come under the ambit of finance and its related literature. Concepts are now moving and enhancing with perfection as well (WILLIAM G. DROMS, Jay O. Wright, 2010, pp.176). Among number of concepts, the name of fund management is one of them, which has its own recognition and importance in a broad nutshell. Managing the funds is an important provision and organizations always have to do something to do the same (NEELAN, Michael H., 2007, pp. 148). The main theme of this assignment is to pen down a sort of analysis broadly refers to cost management stance. The company name of Cycler mate and there are 4 different options from which the entire productivity of the company would be analyze accordingly. ...
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