Major Real Estate Development Risk management and Insurance from the developers position

Major Real Estate Development Risk management and Insurance from the developers position Research Paper example
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Name: Instructor: Course: Date: Major Real Estate Development Risk Management and Insurance from the Developer’s Position Introduction For many decades, man’s existence has been characterized by the existence of different kinds and forms of risks which play a major role in designing how human beings manage and develop various perspectives of the economy and pacts of the organization.


I will also look at the insurance factors that affect a real estate developer’s position. Literature review Various literatures offer a different understanding of the concept of real estate development with some looking at it as being similar to property development, while others looking at them differently. Basically, real estate development refers to a process that makes it possible for land use to be intensified for the purpose of coming up with housing structures for occupation. Real estate is also looked at as a concept that makes it possible for construction and necessary access of infrastructure, and at the same time allows legal subdivision of property for the purpose of vertical construction. Real estate itself is looked at as a projection that takes in the aspect of money, space and time. Through real estate, creation and management of time and space is enabled with the aim of generating specific estimated cash flows over a particular period of time. A developer refers to and individual or a corporate organization that develops land and buildings to increase their value to specified amounts over time. ...
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